Education for Educators

Create environments that protect youth.

School policies can establish rules and regulations that can help keep kids away from the dangers of underage gambling.

High schoolers have 2x the rate of gambling problems as adults.

Get the tools for prevention

Below are some resources to help get the conversation started:

A group of teenage boys gathered around d a tablet

Gambling Fact Sheet for Educators

Find out what you need to know about youth gambling.

Students talking with adult in school

School Policy Ideas & Advice

Get ideas on how to create an educational environment that protects your students.

Students playing cards in school

Warning Signs of Student Gambling

The first step in preventing problem gambling is knowing what to look for.

Girls talking on a bus

The Dangers of Youth Gambling

Learn about behaviors that kids who gamble are more likely to engage in.

Two teenagers using a laptop

Discussion Guide for Educators

Get a few pointers on how to talk to your students about gambling.

Two girls laughing in hallway

Classroom Presentation & Student Worksheet

Bring the message of youth gambling prevention right into your classroom.

Two teenage grill playing a video game console

An Educator’s Guide to Gaming Slang

Gambling in games has a language all its own. Here are some words you need to know.