Education for Youth

Know the behaviors that put you at risk.

This is a section for teens to get educated about how “harmless” gaming could lead to lifelong issues with problem gambling. Prevention starts with knowing the facts.

6.5% of youth ages 14-21 are at risk.

Get the tools for prevention

Loot Boxes? Instant Upgrades? Get the tools to manage your gaming habits:

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Gambling Fact Sheet for Youth

Important information that every young person should know about the risks of gambling.

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Tools to Lower Your Risk

Get advice on how you can avoid getting caught up in gambling’s grip.

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Time Management Tools

Learn how to spend less time in front of your devices.

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Tools for Media Literacy

Learn how to analyze and evaluate media messages of all kinds to avoid gambling.

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Warning Signs of Gambling in Your Friends

Could your friends have a problem? Learn what to look for.

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Game Quitters

Game Quitters is an educational resource that offers video game addiction support, programs, webinars, articles, podcasts, and quizzes.