How can you help Change the Game?

We all have a role to play in preventing problem gambling among young people. It starts with knowing the facts. Follow the links below to learn more about how you can help.

For Parents For Educators For Youth
Pull the lever for prizes!

Get educated

The warning signs are right in front of you.

Talk about the risks.

Learn how to start the conversation with your kids.

Get the tools:

  • Underage Gambling Facts & Stats
  • Teen Gambling Warning Signs
  • Discussion Guidelines for Parents
  • A Parent's Guide to Gaming Slang

Missed classes? Dropping grades?

Know the signs of problem gambling in students.

Get the tools:

  • Gambling Fact Sheet for Educators
  • School Policy Ideas & Advice
  • Warning Signs of Student Gambling
  • Discussion Guidelines for Educators
  • Classroom Presentation & Student Worksheet
  • An Educator's Guide to Gaming Slang

Loot boxes. Instant upgrades.

Do the games you play put you at risk?

Get the tools:

  • Gambling Fact Sheet for Youth
  • Tools to Lower Your Risk
  • Time Management Tools
  • Tools for Media Literacy
  • Warning Signs of Gambling in Your Friends