Our Mission

To prevent youth gambling before it's a problem.

The highest at-risk population for problem gambling are individuals, ages 18-24. Change the Game was developed to raise awareness of the realities of youth gambling amongst parents and educators to help prevent behaviors that can form into greater issues later in life. Change the Game isn’t just working to prevent future gambling problems among our youth. We’re also working to help those who are being affected right now. And we need the help of parents, teachers and kids of all ages to help spread the word.

96% of adolescents are exposed to gambling ads.
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Youth Gambling Can Be Part of Everyday Life

The sheer amount of gambling behaviors that young people are exposed to every day is alarming. Gambling opportunities come in many ways. They happen at home – from family poker games to purchasing lottery tickets. They happen in school – from friendly bets with peers to bets on sporting events. And they happen online – with video games and apps that mimic gambling. All of this exposure at a young age could lead to lifelong issues with problem gambling.

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Our Background

Ohio for Responsible Gambling (ORG) was formed to help Ohio communities reduce problem gambling and build awareness of resources available for prevention and treatment of gambling disorder. The Change The Game Ohio and the Get Set Before You Bet awareness campaigns are supported by funds collected through Ohio’s taxes on gambling with the goal to help our communities live healthier and happier lives.

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Helpful Resources for Parents and Caregivers

If you know of a child or teen at risk of problem gambling, call the PROBLEM GAMBLING HELPLINE at 1-800-589-9966. To search for gambling addiction treatment in your area, visit GamblingHelpOhio.org

Our Partners

This program is brought to you by Ohio For Responsible Gambling, a coalition of the following organizations:

 Ohio Casino Control Commission     Ohio Lottery        Ohio State Racing Commission       Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services

Get educated

The warning signs are right in front of you.

Talk about the risks.

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